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Skin 101

ISOOSI’s current products are best suited to those with congested skin. If you feel your skin is bumpy, has a lot of black or whiteheads or pimples, this is for you.

ISOOSI will grow to cater for all skin areas/concerns but each formula is created with a targeted goal in mind. No formula can cater to ‘all skin types’ (as skin is a multicomplex organ and everyone has different issues or concerns) without compromising on certain areas and here at ISOOSI, we refuse to do so. ISOOSI will always be a targeted, solution-focused brand.

The Stratum Corneum (SC) is the very outer layer of skin. This layer has tough, flat skin cells with a high oil content in order to protect us against environmental stimuli such as the sun and free radicals and is also where the skin collects dead skin cells, dirt and pollution. 

The Viable Epidermis sits below the Stratum Corneum. The cells in the viable Epidermis are still alive. As new cells are generated, the living cells rise up through the epidermis, die and flatten out to form the Stratum Corneum.


pH levels are one of the many factors that indicate how quickly a product will act on the skin. The lower the pH, the faster the ingredients will take effect. Since our products serve different functions/ address different layers of the skin, they are formulated at different pH levels to achieve the best effect.

Our Surface treatment is designed as a fast-acting product – and naturally does not need a lot of time to sit on the Stratum Corneum in order to work – hence why we have lowered the pH.

On the other hand, our Deeper treatment includes ingredients that must be left on the skin to work properly, so we have increased the pH slightly so that the ingredients are slow-releasing overnight.

Water-soluble ingredients mean that these ingredients cannot easily penetrate to the deeper layers of skin as they cannot get past the oily skin cells making up the stratum corneum. Thus, these water-soluble ingredients work best on the surface layer of our skin.

For example, glycolic acid is a water-soluble AHA ingredient that will only work on the Stratum Corneum or the very outer layer of skin as it cannot break down oils – hence why we have included it in our Surface treatment.

Oil-soluble ingredients, however, can penetrate into and beneath the Stratum Corneum as they can break through the oily layer (SC), and can be stored and released slowly. For example, Salicylic acid and Oligopeptide-10 are oil-soluble and able to reach towards the Viable Epidermis to properly access and fight areas of concern. This is why we have incorporated them in our Deeper treatment.

The skin is a complex organ consisting of various layers. Many skin concerns tend to sit below the surface or stratum corneum. The sebaceous glands (where acne usually starts) are situated below the surface and through the viable epidermis and hence, we must address each layer to thoroughly clean and nourish the skin, balance its pH and help to combat acne. Additionally, some ingredients must penetrate through multiple layers in order to be effective (such as Oligopeptide-10). Hence, we formulated two products with this in mind that has now become our multi-step exfoliation process for congested skin: Surface and Deeper. These work in harmony with each other to properly clean the layers of our skin, balance its pH and relieve the symptoms of acne.

Our multi-step exfoliation was formulated to address each layer of skin. Our surface treatment is designed to exfoliate the outermost layer ridding dead skin cells, dirt and free radicals whilst simultaneously opening pores and our sebaceous glands so that our Deeper treatment can penetrate below the surface, hydrating and nourishing the skin whilst simultaneously continuing a thorough exfoliation process.

Our Surface treatment is Vegan. Our Deeper treatment contains honey extract as a soothing agent for the skin. This, unfortunately, makes our Deeper treatment non-vegan.

No. At ISOOSI, we will continually formulate our products with ingredients that are the most beneficial for the skin. Our skin philosophy is as follows: the skin organ is a beautiful synergy between science and nature, and it flourishes as such. We include synthetic and natural ingredients that work synergistically with our formulations to give our customers the best results. It is a concoction of both that work in harmony with the skin.

Every ingredient serves a specific purpose. We will never add unnecessary ingredients, trends or fads that have no scientific longevity behind them.

These two products are designed as a deep exfoliation process and, therefore, are to be used at night twice a week. We recommend cleansing before the Surface treatment and using nothing but SPF for 24 hours after your treatment to let the skin breathe and recuperate before continuing with your normal/daily routine.

Oligopeptide-10 is an antimicrobial short-chain amino acid which works to alleviate the symptoms of acne and is highly synergistic with salicylic acid. As salicylic acid is comedolytic, this allows oligopeptide-10 deeper access into the pores for a maximum bacteriostatic effect.

A tip-in is what some companies may do, where they add the lowest possible percentage of an ingredient just to claim its effects on the label. We pride ourselves on refusing to do this and where every ingredient is included at a level or percentage that is proven to work on the skin. We walk our own path here at ISOOSI and will never include a trendy ingredient if it has no scientific longevity behind it.

About us

ISOOSI is a palindrome of the Latin word ISO, which translates to equal and balanced. Our name is a reflection of what we stand for and what our products are designed to do. We are here to balance the pH of your skin however everyone at ISOOSI, or those who come in contact with ISOOSI, should feel welcomed and equal. We hope this makes you feel strong and empowered with who you are, and we hope to be the fundamental reminder in your life to be proud of who you are.

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