Founded by Rach, isoosi skincare emerged from her personal struggle with acne in her late teens and early twenties. Disappointed by available treatments, she embarked on a journey to create her own solution. Mentored by former ASCC president Barry Hunt, Rach gained insight into the scientific formation of acne. Recognising a gap in the market, she launched isoosi skincare, a brand dedicated to addressing early adulthood acne with transparency and integrity.

Together with Hunt, they developed a two-step solution targeting the root cause of acne. Rach and Barry are enthusiastic about their ongoing collaboration and look forward to further advancing the isoosi range together.

hey bestie, thanks for reading our story. We love that you are part of the isoosi journey and remember, acne and breakouts don't define your beauty or self worth.

isoosi skincare models posing on floor